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How to play

Players take turns to select and color a tile. At the end of a turn, each tile will influence its neighbors by imparting some of its color.

If a tile gains enough color to pass the threshold, it can no longer be selected and will have a dark border. Conversely, a tile can lose its dark border and become selectable if it loses enough color.

The game ends when all tiles pass the color threshold. The player with the most colored tiles wins!

You now have enough information to start playing. Or read on for more details about the game.

Additional Info

Threshold: As a tile gains more 'influence', its colored area will grow in size and have a deeper color.

Once the colored area reaches the tile's border, it can no longer be selected by the opponent and will have a dark border.

Growing 'influence' beyond that threshold will create a larger dark region around the border, acting as a buffer against the opponent's influence.

Preview: Hover over a tile before selecting it to preview the end-of-turn 'influence' changes.

Starting tile: To offset Green's first-mover advantage, Green's first tile is at 60% strength.

AI: Change the difficulty or color of the AI player in the settings menu. To play against a friend, simply disable the AI for both colors.

Hint: Pit the AI against itself to pick up some strategies!